Remember FM converters for car radios in the late 1960s? Fred Jacobs writes that Spotify will be selling their “car thing”, an outboard device that feeds your faves to your center stack, for $90 bucks. Once upon a time, we Radio peeps were considered innovators. How can the industry retake that hill?

1952: Cleveland disc jockey Alan Freed holds his first “Moondog Coronation Ball.” Thanks to a massive ticket counterfeiting operation, an estimated 20-25,000 people showed up at the 10,000 seat venue, forcing police to stop the show minutes after it started. Freed coined the term “rock n roll” and was a pivotal force in bringing the genre into the mainstream.

Fifteen years later The Who make their US debut at Murray the K’s Music In the Fifth Dimension show in New York. The line-up for the multi-day event was star studded with Mitch Ryder, Wison Pickett, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Cream, The Blues Project, Phil Ochs, Simon and Garfunkel, The Blues Magoos and The Young Rascals.

On March 22, 1981, 1981 began selling its Selectra Vision laser disc players.

1997 At an auction in Tokyo Paul McCartney’s custom made bass guitar sells for $200,000.

And in 2004 Ozzy Osbourne tops a poll as the United Kingdom’s choice for ambassador to welcome aliens to Earth.